The inaugural Atlanta Festival Academy will add a unique and exciting new music performance and education experience to Atlanta, Georgia’s already vibrant cultural scene.

Launching in July 2019, the AFA will bring together world-class classical musicians from around the globe to help develop the next generation of artists as well as delight today’s audiences.

The founding organizations of this new endeavor come from three continents and five different countries. They are:

  • Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China (China)
  • Menuhin Competition (Switzerland and United Kingdom)
  • Harpa International Music Academy (Iceland)
  • Atlanta Youth Orchestra (United States of America)
  • William Pu Music Academy (United States of America)

The Atlanta Festival Academy’s faculty has an equally international reach, with teachers from China, Uruguay, Iceland, Japan, Taiwan, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, and the United States all coming together to lead and train tomorrow’s musicians.

The Atlanta Festival Academy invites intermediate- and advanced-student violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists from around the world to gather together this summer to learn from the best and, by doing so, become the best they can be. To this end AFA will:

  1. Promote the education of young and talented musicians
  2. Nurture a new generation of young musicians, shed light on talented students
  3. Give students opportunity to have private lessons, play in master classes, join chamber music, and play in Atlanta Festival Academy orchestras
  4. Provide students with an opportunity to practice performance and communication
  5. Serve as a platform for international cooperation

2019 Atlanta Festival Academy daily schedule is available to view. All of the AFA masterclasses are strictly limited to our registered AFA students and are not open to the public.

We are extraordinarily excited for our inaugural Atlanta Festival Academy and cannot wait to meet you this July!


Lin Wei, Amy Chang, and William Pu