Quang Vo Minh

Grand Prize Winner

Quang Vo Minh (14 years old, Vietnam) – Congratulations!

Performance 1    |    Performance 2

Guitar Junior Division

Dragos Popa
Efe Alper
Shreyas Venkatesan

Dragos Popa (12 years old, Romania)  First Place

Combined Performances

Efe Alper (12 years old, USA) – Second Place

Shreyas Venkatesan (12 years old, USA)  Third Place

Guitar Senior Division

Thatcher Harrison
Mateo Terán
Ivanov Andrei

Thatcher Harrison (18 years old, USA)  First Place

Combined Performances

Mateo Teran Alcocer (17 years old, Ecuador)  Second Place

Ivanov Andrei (17 years old, Romania)  Third Place

Piano Junior Division

Hailey Culp
Melvin Xu

Hailey Culp (12 years old, USA)  First Place

Performance 1  |  Performance 2

Ethan Nie (12 years old, USA)  Second Place

Joanna Wang (12 years old, USA)  Second Place

Melvin Xu (11 years old, USA)  Third Place

Piano Senior Division

Quang Vo Minh (14 years old, Vietnam)  First Place

Performance 1    |    Performance 2

Grace Peng (15 years old, USA)  Second Place

Matthew Zhou (17 years old, USA)  Third Place

Strings Junior Division

Nguyen Le Nguyen

William Yeh (10 years old, Violin, Taiwan)  First Place

 Performance 1    |    Performance 2

Nguyen Le Nguyen (11 years old, Violin, Vietnam)  First Place 

Performance 1    |    Performance 2

Yining Zhang
Charlotte Jeong

Yining Zhang (11 years old, Violin, USA) – Second Place

Charlotte Jeong (10 years old, Violin, USA)  Second Place

Olivia Kim
Daphne Wen
Lauren Kang
Ling-Xi Ma
Angelina Lu

Olivia Kim (9 years old, Violin, USA)  Third Place

Daphne Wen (12 years old, Violin, USA),  Third Place

Lauren Kang (10 years old, VIolin, USA)  Third Place

Ling-Xi Ma (7 years old, Violin, USA)  Third Place

Angelina Lu (12 years old, Violin, USA)  Third Place

Strings Senior Division

Austin CY Ng
Jason Seo

Austin Ching Yu Ng (13 years old, Violin, Iceland)  First Place 

Performance 1    |    Performance 2

Jason Seo (16 years old, Viola, USA)  First Place

Combined Performances

Ryan Li
Rebecca Lang

Ryan Li (14 years old, Violin, USA)  Second Place

Joseph Wang (18 years old, Violin, USA)  Second Place

Rebecca Lang (17 years old, Violin, USA)  Second Place

Jeremiah Jung
Brandon Lee
John Cho

Jeremiah Jung (15 years old, Violin, USA)  Third Place

Brandon Lee (15 years old, Violin, USA)  Third Place

John Cho (18 years old, Viola, USA) – Third Place

Jessica Jiang (15 years old, Cello, USA) – Third Place

Nathaniel Stone (16 years old, Cello, USA) – Third Place

Congratulations to all of the 89 young musicians who entered the inaugural Atlanta Festival Academy Competition. We thoroughly enjoyed all of your performances!

And a sincere “Thank You!” to all of our judges for the time they put in to listen to all of these wonderful entrants!